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I think Zayn has every right to support a group of people being oppressed and being killed by genocide. He has the responsibility, because he is in the public eye to use it to bring light to the ignorant who don't know what's going on. Over 1,000 Palestinians have been killed by ethnic cleansing, the majority being civilians. Less than 50 Israelis have died, the majority being soldiers. And 1 from friendly fire. Zayn has courage speaking the truth #FreePalestine #SupportGaza ✌️

And here's a cup of calm the fuck down. Answer:


Do you realize how stupid you sound? (excuse me, I never talk to my followers like this EVER!)  If Gaza does not want Civilian Causalities 1) DO NOT PUT YOUR ROCKETS IN CIVILIAN HOMES, IN SCHOOLS, OR IN HOSPITAL! 2) Israel WARNS when they are going to bomb, so instead of sending people and CHILDREN into those homes don’t you think you should evacuate them??

Israel has EVERY right to defend themselves. Hamas fired their rockets first, Israel did not start this.

And not only that, did you know that  in the tunnels that were built from Gaza to  Israel, Israeli soldiers found plans that September of 2014 Hamas was going to go into Israel dressed as IDF soldiers kidnap children and kill 100’s. 

If Gaza want’s to lessen the number of Civilian Casualties then stop using your people and children as human shields. 

shut the fuck up. #FreePalestine #SupportGaza ♥